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* Test the code that models XCB typesJavier Olaechea2020-05-162-0/+39
* Use keywords to designate XCB typesJavier Olaechea2020-05-161-4/+4
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* developer-manual.md: Document cookiesJavier Olaechea2020-05-161-0/+6
* Developer Manual: Document how switch tags workJavier Olaechea2020-05-161-0/+85
* Add CW enum definitionJavier Olaechea2020-05-161-0/+17
* Account for first field being potentially in the headerJavier Olaechea2020-04-062-7/+13
* Update documentationJavier Olaechea2020-03-302-7/+14
* Change XCB-SLOT-SIZE to take an instance of the object as well.Javier Olaechea2020-03-292-6/+18
* Define char aliasJavier Olaechea2020-03-291-0/+4
* Set the length of a field reference automaticallyJavier Olaechea2020-03-292-1/+21
* Pass extended slot options to EFFECTIVE-SLOT-DEFINITION-CLASSJavier Olaechea2020-03-291-10/+34
* First at computing the length of list fieldsJavier Olaechea2020-03-263-9/+61
* Fix Padding SlotsJavier Olaechea2020-03-262-3/+5
* Refactor XCB-METACLASS's COMPUTE-EFFECTIVE-SLOT-DEFINITIONJavier Olaechea2019-11-171-12/+27
* Add test descriptionJavier Olaechea2019-11-161-5/+1
* Add missing FIELD-ORDER in NOT-SETUP-REQUEST-3Javier Olaechea2019-11-161-2/+8
* Add XCB-SLOT-SIZEJavier Olaechea2019-11-161-4/+18
* Use the first value found in a direct slotJavier Olaechea2019-11-161-6/+8
* Avoid redefining NOT-SETUP-REQUEST-1Javier Olaechea2019-11-161-2/+2
* Add support for fixed padding slotsJavier Olaechea2019-11-032-19/+79
* Also run the XCB-LANG tests in the TEST-OPJavier Olaechea2019-11-031-0/+1
* Teach CLOS about field orderJavier Olaechea2019-11-032-2/+36
* High-level documentation on the upcoming slots for the XCB-METACLASSJavier Olaechea2019-11-031-0/+27
* Add some general documentation to mop.lispJavier Olaechea2019-11-031-0/+6
* s/defintion/definitionJavier Olaechea2019-11-031-2/+2
* Add a copy of the of the XML descriptio documentationJavier Olaechea2019-11-031-0/+425
* DEFXCBTYPE: Silence WarningJavier Olaechea2019-11-031-1/+1
* Comment out 'one-shot' testbitcaseJavier Olaechea2019-11-022-1/+8
* HACKING: Add some notes on cookiesJavier Olaechea2019-11-021-2/+6
* Refactor COMPUTE-REQUEST-LENGTHJavier Olaechea2019-11-023-17/+33
* Start working on COMPUTE-REQUEST-LENGTHJavier Olaechea2019-11-022-5/+20
* Use keywords as XCB-TYPE designatorsJavier Olaechea2019-11-021-2/+2
* Start working on MOP support for xcb typesJavier Olaechea2019-11-023-2/+53
* Reify XCB typesJavier Olaechea2019-10-316-8/+81
* Test enum functionalityJavier Olaechea2019-09-233-1/+43
* Add missing enums for CREATE-WINDOWJavier Olaechea2019-09-231-0/+42
* Sanitize WITH-XCB-CONNECTIONJavier Olaechea2019-09-221-18/+19
* Merge branch 'refactor-into-connection'Javier Olaechea2019-07-187-146/+300
| * Fix READ-GET-ATOM-NAMErefactor-into-connectionJavier Olaechea2019-07-182-1/+10
| * Add 'padding' test for READ-GET-ATOM-NAMEJavier Olaechea2019-07-181-0/+7
| * READ-INTERN-ATOMJavier Olaechea2019-07-181-1/+1
| * READ-GET_ATOM-NAME and CL-XCB:ATOM-NAMEJavier Olaechea2019-07-183-1/+37
| * SEND-GET-ATOM-NAMEJavier Olaechea2019-07-181-0/+18
| * Simplify CL-XCB:INTERN-ATOM APIJavier Olaechea2019-07-172-16/+13
| * First Stab at INTERN-ATOM only-if-existsJavier Olaechea2019-07-173-2/+13